As a courtesy GORC provides the general community with easy-to-read printable maps of all the GORC-maintained trails in our area. We have performed trail design, construction or maintenance on almost all the trail systems listed. We use GPS mapping equipment and software which we then translate into a graphics editing program. We release maps and subsequent updates as they become available. Check back often for revisions.

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Latest Trail Conditions

Latest Trail Conditions

Berryman (Ozark Region) (Weather)
From BrianFalls21: Ice, snow, frozen gravel, and wet creek crossings. Not too much feadfall...still some wet spots even with the cold temps today. Classic Ozark MTB'ing.
Cliff Cave (St. Louis Area) (Weather)
From KerryH: Frozen solid with a half inch coating of fluffy snow, perfect for snow riding today. With tomorrow's temps forecast for the mid-40s, the trails will likely turn to mush...don't add to the ruts!
Bluff View (St. Louis Area) (Weather)
From MTBKona22: Trail was minimally covered with patches of ice and some of last week's existing snow that didn't melt. Total coverage probably less than 10%. Very frozen. This afternoon's dusting of snow made spotting the patches of ice very difficult though.

Riding Freeze-Thaw Trails

2018 Volunteer Hours

Rock Hollow: 1,070
Cliff Cave: 675
Greensfelder: 528
Creve Coeur Lake: 511
Klondike: 412
SIUE: 202
Indian Camp Creek: 179
Bluff View: 154
Chubb Trail: 106
Lost Valley: 65
Castlewood State Park: 61
OT - North Trace: 42
Matson Hill: 35
Silver Lake: 8
OT - Council Bluff: 6
Bangert Island: 5
Broemmelsiek: 3
OT - Berryman Trail: 1

2018 Volunteer Hours by Type

Trail Construction: 2,184
Trail Maintenance: 1,528
Meeting: 432
Trail Design: 172
Sawyering/Swamping: 168
General Administration: 29
Event Planning: 12
Ride Guide: 11

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